Rock Your Brand Presentation


There is very little that impacts your success in life more than the ability to imagine, cultivate, promote, and defend a personal or professional brand. We all know what brands are. Nike, Mercedes Benz, Apple, Beats, and Gucci are all examples of popular brands. They are successful brands because when we think of them, we get very specific images. The brands convey impressions that are carefully cultivated. Each of us has a brand, whether we are paying attention to it or not. Our brand is how people think about us or talk about us to others. We have a personal brand among our friends and families. We have a work brand that we present to our employers. Consciously promoting your personal or professional brand is critical to your getting what you want in life.

The “Rock Your Brand” presentation is a 2 hour mini-workshop to help youth begin thinking about their own personal brands, especially as employees. This presentation covers the following:

  • The three secrets to an effective interview
  • What makes you qualified? (Your basic employability skills)
  • What makes you attractive? (Mastering the P.L.E.A.S.E. Protocol)
  • What makes you memorable? (Who, How, and What)
  • The Art of the Interview
  • The secret to keeping a job and getting promoted

Hosting a Presentation

We developed this presentation because some groups simply cannot find enough time for a full Life-Work Portfolio Class. While nowhere near as in-depth as the Life-Work Portfolio Class, this presentation does provide useful information for young people in transition. We provide this presentation to schools, human services agencies, departments of juvenile justice, Redevelopment and housing authorities, churches, and non-profit agencies serving at-risk populations. This is a 2-hour program. The program is portable and we can bring it to you. This program can be presented to small groups for more discussion and interaction or to larger audiences. If you would like to host a presentation at your site, contact us by clicking on the contact button below.