Did you know that there are over 36,000 youth across Hampton Roads that are struggling to make it into the adult world of employment and responsibility? Are you an employer that hires youth for entry level full- or part-time jobs or offers internships or apprenticeships? Because if you are and you are willing to hire youth who have completed a course in critical work soft skills like self-awareness, planning and organizing, personal presentation and communication, and basic employability skills, please consider making a difference in an at-risk youth’s life by giving him or her a chance.

The form below will allow you to post job opportunities to our FindWork Mobile App. This app is made available to youth who have graduated from our Smart Transitions Life-Work Portfolio Class. You can expect these youth to show up for an interview prepared to make a good impression and to follow-through, if hired, by being a good employee. The hiring decision is always yours, of course. By participating in this program, you are just saying you are open to giving preferential hiring consideration to youth who have taken the time to invest in themselves and in refining their work skills.

If you have questions about the program or feedback about youth you have employed, please contact us at

We would like to hear about any successes or challenges you had with hiring a Smart Transitions Youth