Recent Graduates from TWC Smart Transitions – Where Are They Now?

One of the perks of our job is coming into contact with so many young people every day that are doing things in our community.  For me, it means very often that my contact with them doesn’t stop in the classroom but extends on to real life.  Last week in Michael’s while picking up last [...]

Chesapeake Career Center

I’ve never felt quite as guilty leaving a school as I did one day last Fall heading out from Chesapeake Career Center. I had been working with a group of afternoon (they do a morning and afternoon sessions) dental assistant students and it’s fair to say that our discussion in class had taken a turn. [...]

Addison Villanueva

Addison Villanueva had a way of standing out in her internship class. 20+ students from Portsmouth and Norfolk were already setting an example this past summer just by being present and accounted for—all day, and all week in early June. These youth had applied for, and been accepted to, the Hampton Roads Workforce Council’s Summer Youth Internship Program that would enable [...]

Connections: The Newsletter of the Together We Can Foundation November 2022

CONNECTIONS: The Newsletter of Together We Can Foundation Summer 2020

Adapting to the "new normal" in video service delivery. Keep up with us by checking out our most recent newsletter TWC Connections Summer 2020

CONNECTIONS: The Newsletter of Together We Can Foundation

Our Spring update for a breakfast we were unable to host this year. We missed you. TWC Connections Newsletter Summer 2020

Neighborhood Assistant Program (NAP) Tax Credits

Dear TWC Donors Interested in Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) Tax Credits, We do have a limited number of Virginia NAP Tax Credits available for donations. Any qualifying donation ($500.00 for individuals and $600.00 for businesses will receive the full 65% tax credit. NAP tax credits provide a significant tax benefit for those who pay taxes [...]

Chesapeake Career Center Update: The Kids are Alright

In the previous issue of Connections, we interviewed a group of Dental Tech students from the Chesapeake Career Center. They were slated to be guest speakers at our breakfast in March, but COVID 19 got in the way. We thought we would check in with them again for this issue to get their perspective and […]

Keeping Youth on Track for Success

College isn’t the only answer, but young people need a chance to break the cycle of minimum wage poverty. That means one of three things needs to happen. A youth needs to leave high school with a marketable skill, a youth needs to get post-secondary skill training, or a youth needs to get post-secondary education.  […]