Giancarlo Balarezo

One of my favorite activities we teach in the Life Work Portfolio Course is our “Personal Brand” exercise.  The basic idea is that you brainstorm many of the qualities you feel an employer would want to hire. It doesn’t do anyone any good to try to be all of them at once, or even worse, [...]

Jeremiah Stanley and Jason Grant

Jeramiah Stanley ponders for a moment about adult life…and then says quite determinedly, “I’m worried, I think it’s going to slap me in the face.”  The adults in the room chuckle but not him. Meanwhile, Jason Grant sits next to him nodding right along. For high schoolers, these two actually have a pretty good assessment [...]

Michael Nichols

Michael Nichols has seen more of the US than most. He rattles off quite the impressive nationwide tour to me as we talk - Tennessee, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Missouri, and Hampton Roads, not necessarily in that order. At a certain age, travel and relocation can be exciting and full of fresh beginnings, but for [...]

CONNECTIONS: The Newsletter of Together We Can Foundation

It's a busy time for us at TWC Smart Transitions. Keep up with us through our Newsletter and Annual Report.

No Throw Away Kids

I’m standing in the back of the room watching young men and women who have genuinely struggled through adolescence be introduced, praised, and allowed to bask in a moment of glory in front of their family and their peers. They are here tonight because an organization like Tidewater Youth Services exists in our community. Tidewater [...]

Looking Good: A Foster Care Portrait Event

Blaise and Katlyn Burns and Family (along with Stand Up For Kids Executive Director, Mark Stevens) were back to have family portraits made at Together We Can Foundation's "Looking Good" Portrait Event. Many families are making this an annual event for their holiday portraits and some of our foster youth use this opportunity to have [...]