Neighborhood Assistant Program (NAP) Tax Credits

Dear TWC Donors Interested in Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) Tax Credits, We do have a limited number of Virginia NAP Tax Credits available for donations in 2024. Any qualifying donation ($500.00 for individuals and $600.00 for businesses will receive the full 65% tax credit to be applied toward the 2024 tax year. NAP tax credits provide a significant tax benefit for those who pay taxes in the Commonwealth of Virginia (sometimes providing an actual cash refund depending on the amount of the donation and the individual’s income tax bracket.  We cannot provide tax advice for your specific situation (please consult your tax professional) but most people will find these tax credits advantageous.

If you are interested in receiving NAP credits, we suggest a two-step process. First, email us ( with a statement of your interest and the amount of your intended donation (so we can reserve that amount for you). We will confirm your reserved amount of credits and send you the application form. Next, download, print, and sign the NAP Credit Application Form and mail it back to us at the address listed below along with your check (made payable to Together We Can Foundation).

We will respond by email, letting you know that we have reserved those credits for you pending the arrival of your check and form. Once we have received and processed your check, you will receive a written confirmation of your donation for tax purposes and within 4 to 6 weeks you should receive notification.

Thank you for your support. If you have additional questions, please contact Tom Crockett directly at 757-288-3231 or by email at

Together We Can Foundation
5101 Cleveland Street, Suite 305
Virginia Beach, VA 23462